Angie and Sema, Saint Petersburg

Another wonderful couple from Saint-Petersburg - Angie and Sema. We went for a walk on the outskirts of the sea port and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the secluded beach. I used this occasion to test my new Canon 45 mm Tilt-Shift lens and I absolutely loved it - didn't need to use anything else but this one for the whole shoot! Angie and Sema were so natural and relaxed and we spent a lovely evening together.

Hope you like this sneak peek of their engagement shoot.

Anna and Senya, Saint Petersburg

Anna and Senya were married last year and wanted to celebrate their anniversary in beautiful Saint Petersburg, their new home. They are such a creative couple with a real sense of beauty: Anna studies theatre management and Senya is a composer. It was a pleasure to go for a walk alongside the majestic canals and beautiful palaces, visit the stunning Lutheran church of Saint Peter and Paul and finally warm ourselves with a coffee and a traditional russian doughnut called "pyshka" in a small place that sells them since my childhood. If you ever come to Saint Petersburg, you have to try them!

Сваденый фотограф Санкт-Петербург

Сваденый фотограф Санкт-Петербург

Nastya and Max, Saint Petersburg

This was the most extraordinary love story I've ever shot - together with a beautiful couple, Nastya and Max, we headed off to the ice-covered Gulf of Finland to join the most intrepid ice-fishers, then got lost in the magical pine forest and went for a romantic walk on the beach. I could never thought that I would dare to shoot outside in February - but there you are, some absolutely amazing shots from last Sunday!

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