Destination wedding photographer in Italy: Ksenia and Alex, Lago Maggiore

Wedding days; like any other day, are capable of delivering unexpected surprises—like rain. In some cases a change in the weather can provide unexpected beauty; the perfect lighting, and a wonderful memory that will stay with you forever. This was the case for Ksenia & Alex.

Ksenia and Alex took a change of weather in stride. Their easy-going and warm personalities allowed me to capture unique, soft portraits—even after getting caught under a downpour in their wedding outfits!

Truly, a little bit of rain could not steal the show from these two. Ksenia and Alex chose the magnificent setting of Lago Maggiore and its islands and the beautiful venue; Hotel des Iles Boromees, where Ernest Hemingway used to stay, was a perfect backdrop for their vows. 

Destination wedding photographer Lago Maggiore
Destination wedding photographer Italy
Destination wedding photographer Italy

Destination love story in Rome: Natalia and Giuseppe

Rome is a special place for a photographer. This city has this amazing light that you can find on Caravaggio paintings - warm, golden, intense. The old buildings, the cobblestone pavements, small cafes with amazing coffee, the smell of linden blossom, and of course the beautiful couple, Natalia and Giuseppe - everything was so inspiring on a Sunday morning when we went for a walk in the centre, starting at piazza Navona and making our way to via Margutta and piazza del Popolo.

Giu, as a native Roman, was a great tour guide and knew an astonishing amount of information about literally every building we passed on our way. Natalia was absolutely charming and managed to endure a 2 hours walk in 4 inch heels without a single complaint!

All the three of us really enjoyed this time together and I think the pictures speak for themself.:) I love these photos of Natalia and Giuseppe, so natural and warm - I think their love for each other and their tenderness are almost tangible in these pictures.

And the best part of the day was of course going to the best pizza place in the world (in fact, this is not a metaphor - the chef actually won the world pizza competition!) and then having some gelato as a dessert. I am still on diet since I'm back to London.  :)